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fleurdeliser's post and comments pretty much sum up my whole reaction to the surveyfail debacle. I think in some other comments I saw on the situation someone said that it seemed like the researchers decided on a conclusion and ONLY AFTER THAT decided to lure out numbers/mock up to back it up. And I think that's exactly what ran through their heads imo. -___-

Which, I mean, that method is a time-honored traditional way to START (not finish) papers and weed out what ideas are right and what ideas are wrong and things, but seldom have I seen it done so badly. The point of the method is to refine your argument and whittle it down to what can actually be supported by evidence, etc, but the really really important part of the method is the willingness to learn and change your conclusion according to the findings. Not just to fudge numbers in order to support your untested, faulty, original argument (which they pretty much seemed set on doing), oh maaaaan that is just bad writing skillz on top of bad science. Aaand it seems they did zero background reading on the subject (hint dudes, THERE'S A LOT). And then there's the whole outsiders-peering-into-this-strange-new-culture aspect which most people are sick and tired of at this point (over the many yeeeears it's been happening), so they get an F grade on their paper according to mod's skool of larnings.

fleurdeliser's PDF of the post. (The original has since been deleted, surprise surprise.)


In other news, it is now tiems to be workings ons my time-traveling!Lyn-Z/Gerard fic. Woohoo! Get them knuckles cracking, woooooooooo.
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